Project Summary

With a whole lot of buzz in India (and world) about the 2019 General Elections in India, I thought it would be a good idea to do some election analysis of these pivotal elections in India’s history. I’ll start with analyzing the 2019 Election Manifestos of the 2 biggest political parties in India, the Bhartiya Janta Party and the Indian National Congress.

Project Goals

  1. Data collection and cleaning for the election manifestos of the 2 parties.

  2. Take a deep dive into the following 6 crucial sections of these manifestos for these elections -

  • Economic Growth
  • Employment and opportunities
  • Anti-corruption and Good Governance
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • National Security
  • Education, Healthcare and Misc.

In the next series of posts I’ll roughly follow the above steps and link them here to this master project summary page. Here goes -

  1. Part 1 - Data Collection and Cleaning
  2. Part 2 - Economic Growth
  3. Part 3 - Employment and Opportunities
  4. Part 4 - Anti-Corruption and Good Governance
  5. Part 5 - Inclusion and Diversity
  6. Part 6 - National Security
  7. Part 7 - Education, Healthcare and Miscellaneous